Tough Decisions

We have now spent 34 days in lockdown, and the experience has been worse for some than for others.

Though we now look forward to the end of Level 5, nothing really changes on Friday and many will need to make decisions on how they go forward from here.

The fact is though, that most decisions we make now can only be executed to a point, and then we again need to sit back and wait for the end of the lockdown to anything substantial to generate income.

This has resulted in many customers asking me if they should break the lockdown regulations to make some money….

The official answer is No, adhere to the law.

So here is the caveat. I am not responsible for feeding your family, I am not responsible for your bills.

My honest opinion on this is, do something else to make a bit of money if you can, if not, do what you must.

If you do choose the latter option, then as in so many other situations in life, make your decision and own it. There is no going back when you have made the decision. Do not whinge about it, do not complain. Own your decision and move forward.

We are often faced with situations in work and life where we need to make decisions based on very little information. These decisions bring with them the risk of failure. As a leader, you cannot "sit" on a decision indefinitely. Weigh the options, consult with someone able to advise you, and make the decision.

If it all falls flat, so be it. You took a risk and it did not pay off. It happens. Dust yourself off and take the next step, but never blame someone else for your decisions.

I have personally made a number of morally questionable decisions in the past that at the time, were the best decisions to make. Placed in the same position again, I would probably still make those decisions.

Life is never going to be filled with perfect scenarios where all decisions have a win-win outcome.

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