The Object Of Your Desire

The object of your desire… To most who hear this phrase the image of a sensual exotic woman, or a tall dark, handsome stranger jumps to mind. Perhaps for you the image of an ice cold ice-cream, with sweet Swiss chocolate, oozing into your mouth  jump starts your imagination into overdrive and in a Walter Mitty-esque fashion we get lost in what could be…

As young boy growing up in the 80’s I assumed my own secret identity as a Ninja Turtle or Jean-Claude Van Damme as Dux dishing out justice. My imagination turned this into a near reality, where I truly believed I garnered the skills to be the hero.  I was the Hero, and to this day, I recall MY theme songs word-for-word (yes, I relive these moments from time to time. Juvenile?? Who cares, I love it).

Advertising agencies have exploited this ability of the human brain for decades, turning the advertising business into a $558-billion a year industry.  The power of suggestion plays directly on our subconscious and sends our imagination running wild.

The question then is, why can YOU not use this same power of the subconscious, or your imagination to turn your dreams into a reality. A billion dollar reality perhaps?

It would be difficult to find a motivational speaker or life coach today that does not use the principles, first made popular by Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Hill’s philosophy, built through 20 years of studying the then most successful business people, is summarised into the following Steps;

1. Burning Desire 2. Absolute Faith 3. Self-Talk 4. Specialise 5. Imagination 6. Plan 7. Take Massive Action 8. Be Persistent 9. Form a Mastermind  10. Transform Sexual Desire 11. Reprogram your beliefs 12. Listen to your gut feelings 13. Sixth Sense

Short of growing a turtle shell and mastering Kung-Fu I will never be a Ninja Turtle. I do believe however, and am living proof, that these principles are true and very, very effective.

The power of utilising your imagination to achieve a desire is well utilised in professional sport. You can see a racing driver, focusing before the race, visualising each lap, and if you believe those who have mastered the technique, match their exact lap times in their mind, with their on track performance. Olympic sprinters that can visualise a sub 10-second 100m sprint, know, and BELIEVE before setting into the starting blocks, that they WILL win. The desire is so strong, their mind has assimilated it and the believe, beyond any doubt, that they will win.

The world of self-help books utilising these principles, is a literal mine field, and we are often tempted to read every book we can lay our hands on, looking for the magic 5-minute fix to being successful.

Do not be fooled, it takes hard work, dedication and immeasurable sacrifice to obtain the true object of your desire.

Do yourself a favour, read Think and Grow Rich,  and if you find the wealth of information a challenge, find a coach that can guide you through the process.

It will be worth it in the end.

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