The NLP 5 Principles of Success

In the study of NLP, it is considered that there are 5 main principles of success. These are obviously not the only principles of success, but should you decide to use NLP in your personal growth journey, you should know these.

  1. Take Action

  2. Have Sensory Acuity

  3. Have Behavioural Flexibility

  4. Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

  5. State vs Goal

Now as already stated, this list is by no means an exhaustive list of principles to success. If you do a quick Google search you get 501,000,00 results in under a second.

My intention is to highlight specific principles that when you apply them, as simple as they may seem, you significantly increase the success rate of your NLP journey.

You will notice that all of these principles have a strong positive tone. That is intentional. If you recall from earlier discussions, our mind does not process in the negative. What we hear, is what the mind will process. If we formulated principle one as "Stop Procrasting", your mind would register "procrastinate", and voila, you wait for tomorrow to take the next step.

So instead of using terms such as "Stop procrastinating" we say "Take action".

Remember to always give your narrative a strong positive tone, and that is what you will project in your life, and make your reality.

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