The Fun In Failing

I have never met anyone who has not failed in life. Statistics on failure are not hard to come by. A simple google search on failed business yields 839,000,000 results in less than a second.

No one enjoys failure. It hurts. Discourages. Embarrasses. Demotivates.

But is a failure the end? Hardly. Some of the greatest names in history, and in business today have failed countless times. It is what we do with that failure that sets us apart.

John Maxwell wrote a book called Failing Forward. In it, he talks about how to use failure as a learning point to move forward in life.

The key is to be able to look at the failure and analyze it. There is always a reason something failed, be that marriage, business venture or baking a cake.

If you had the misfortune of watching the attempted Facebook live with Rebecca Talks yesterday, you probably cringed and wanted to stick your head in a hole for me. And yes, I did take a moment afterward and had a tine WTF moment.

But looking back at the lead up to the failure, as well as my response during and after, I could identify a number of factors, that, had I approached them differently, the outcome would have been very different as well.

We must keep in our hearts and minds the conviction that our failures do not define us, but what we do with our failures makes us who we are.

Have you failed miserably at something?

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