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Day 7, at midnight tonight we officially complete a week in isolation. To round off a balanced week of learning, reflecting and growing, I have decided to write this post with Eminem's "I'm Not Afraid" in the background…

Did you download the printable worksheet of the Wheel of Life yet? If not, sign up on the website, and head over to the Tools section (members only).

Got it? Great.

Yesterday we briefly discussed what the Wheel of Life is, and we looked at an example, of how to rate yourself using the tool.

Today we are going to look at each spoke of the wheel, and explore a few specific questions you can ask to determine your level of satisfaction with your life in that particular area.

Let's do a quick recap.

What It is

The Wheel of Life, or Balance Wheel of Life is a simple self-assessment tool that consists of 8 categories that are considered essential to achieving a satisfying and balanced life. It can be used to measure your satisfaction in, or with each area, and can also be used to measure the amount of time (effort) spent on each aspect. It enables self-reflection, that helps you to identify what has to change to lead a more balanced and satisfying life.

The Sections, and what to ask yourself

Below are the eight most commonly used sections. We will give a small description, and then list some of the important questions to ask yourself. You will notice that I have repeated the phrase "to me?" at the end of each reflection question, on what the ideal would be TO YOU. Remember, the only opinion that matters here, is yours. This is about how you see your life.

Friends and Family

Looks At: Your relationship with close friends and family.

The Ideal: What does my ideal relationship, and interaction with my close friends and family look like to me?

Where am I: Have my relationships improved or worsened? How does it compare to my "ideal"? How much time do I spend with friends and family? Is it as much time as you want to spend with them?

Significant Other

Looks At: Your relationship with your husband, wife, partner.

The Ideal: What does my ideal relationship, and interaction with my partner look like to me?

Where am I: How is my relationship now, compared to when it started? How does it compare to my "ideal"? Can I work more on it?

Personal Growth

Looks At: Your attitude and commitment to your personal growth.

The Ideal: What does my ideal personal growth plan look like to me?

Where am I: Do I have a plan? How am I progressing in my growth? Does my growth still support my plan? Have I really grown?

Fun & Leisure

Looks At: Your work-life balance.

Ask Yourself: What would my life look like if I could do all the fun and relaxing things I could, to me?

Where am I: Have I done what I wished to do this year (or period you are looking at). What have I not done? What has prevented me from doing what I wanted to do?

Home Environment

Looks At: Your home setup and relationships.

Ask Yourself: What does the perfect home environment to come home to each day look like, to me?

Where am I: Can my home environment improve? Are there things I would like to change? How do I feel when I get home? Do I long to be there when I am not? What is it that makes me feel this way (material things, family, pets).


Looks At: Your career plan and job satisfaction.

Ask Yourself: What does my ideal career look like now and in the future, to me?

Where am I: Have I reached my career goal? Have I had a part to play in where I am? Can I do anything about my career? How does going to work make me feel? How do I feel when I am not working?


Looks At: You relationship with your finances.

Ask Yourself: What does my ideal financial situation look like, to me?

Where am I: How do I feel when I think about my money? What plan do I have for my finances? Does my plan affect other parts of my life? Do I get excited when looking at my finances? Do I have peace when I think about my finances?


Looks At: Your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Ask Yourself: What does a healthy and emotionally strong me look like, to me?

Where am I: Do I feel healthy? Do I wish I could be healthier? How do my emotions direct my life? Do I sleep well? Do I wake well-rested?

Rate each of these sections, by weighing your responses against what your ideal in that area looks like, TO YOU. The score indicates your level of satisfaction in each of these areas.

Scoring Yourself

Score from 8 to 10:

You are extremely satisfied with this area of your life. Keep doing what you are doing, but think of stretching yourself a bit. Can it be even better?

Score from 5 to 7:

You are more or less satisfied with this area of your life; With a bit of effort though you can make it better. This is not an 8 to 10 yet, so keep working at it!

Score from 1 to 4:

Take a step back. Something is clearly not working. This imbalance will start affecting the rest of your life if you do not nip it in the bud.


The next step, which decides your way forward on the problem areas is to reflect on your responses. Look at your lowest scores, and consider why you rated them so poorly? What should they be? If you could do one thing on each of these affecting the balance, what would that be?


This is where you can now tie this into your Affirmations and Visualisations. Set clear goals, with clear action plans on how you can achieve the desired outcomes. Visualise yourself correcting your path and actions. Visualise your success. Give your goals a strong foundation, by including your outcome, as an affirmation "I have an affectionate, and loving relationship with my…"

We often want to make change more complicated than it has to be. Be yourself, and know what you want, and need. The only person standing in your way is you.

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