#StayHomeSA Day 6 - Wheel of Life

Day 6, wow how time flies. In one more day we will reach the end of the first week of our 21-day lockdown. All things considered, and not including mileage traveled (zero), this has been one of the most productive weeks this year. It often takes an event such as the COVID19 pandemic, too open our eyes. As Napoleon Hill says "Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

So we are pretty much done with the basics of the Miracle Morning Savers, and hopefully, you have started using them.

A problem many of us face when we need to start setting goals or writing our affirmations is the question "Where do I begin?"

One of the tools I often use with my clients, to help identify areas that need attention or improvement, is the wheel of life. The wheel of life actually originates from Buddhism. Don’t worry this is not a tool that will affect your faith in any way! It is based on the Buddhist principle of having a balanced life.

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The wheel of life looks at eight aspects of our lives;

Friends and Family

Significant Other

Personal Growth

Fun & Leisure

Home Environment




As coaches, we use the wheel of life to help our clients (and ourselves from time to time), to plan a life that would be more satisfying and rewarding. That satisfaction can come only we achieve OUR balance. The level of satisfaction and desired reward is unique to each person and is determined by each individual. There is thus no right or wrong way to complete this, as our conditions are fluid (constantly changing) and the outcome today could be different by tomorrow.

Understanding how each of the wheel's aspects relates to the other areas is what enables us to make changes to our daily lives

So how does it work?

The Wheel is divided into 8 sections (it can be customised to have more specific sections, but for now let's stick to 8). From the center of the wheel, we grade our level of satisfaction on a scale from 0 - Completely Dissatisfied, to 10 - Very Satisfied.

As you score each aspect of your life, you create your own wheel. If your results range from 1 through to 8, imagine how lopsided the wheel will be! The more in-tune and balanced your life, the "smoother" the wheel will be.

Let's take the Career spoke as an example. You may have a very satisfying job and a small business in the hospitality industry. You have good co-workers, a great boss, a fair salary, and hours that allow you to have fun every once in a while. Well, you had that before the lockdown, and would have rated your Career, an easy 7 or 8… But today, with the hospitality industry deemed a non-essential service and now closed for almost a week, with rumors on traditional and social media rife that small businesses in the hospitality industry will likely never recover from the shutdown… the rating would likely be more of 3 or 4 maybe?

This immediately places the money spoke under pressure, and maybe even "Significant other" and "Home Environment", if you are the sole breadwinner.

Now, do keep in mind that the result in no way whatsoever reflects on you as a person. It does not condemn or judge you.

What it does however now enable us to do, is to look at all the areas that scored poorly, and find the relationship between these. If you are doing this exercise by yourself, take a few moments and reflect on what the root-cause could be.

In our example, the root cause is a Trump-labelled Chinese virus from China (remember the hand gestures when you say that… China…). There is very little you can do about the lockdown, but you can work to raise the score on Significant Other, and Home Environment, by openly discussing the challenges that may lie ahead after the lock-down. Engage with your boss, and see if, during this time, you can start working on strategies to recover after the lockdown.

If you are doing this with a coach, they can take you through a number of cause and effect exercises (some root causes are not as obvious as COVID19), and once identified, this can now drive your affirmations and your visualizations.

The wheel of life is a very simple, but very useful tool. Do it regularly, and compare results to previous assessments to see how you have grown, and progressed.

Aim for a wheel that will give you a smooth ride, and you will soon feel the positive effects a balanced life can have.

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