#StayHomeSA Day 5 - Visualisation and Vision Boards

I must confess. Maintaining the Miracle Morning Practice during a lockdown, where there really is no reason to get up at 5 am, is much easier said than done. Visualising the next day, performing the Miracle Morning, and seeing my productive and successful day under lockdown, that is what keeps me going.

In yesterday's post, we discussed affirmations, if the work, and how to write your own. Today, we go one step further and look at the visualisation("V") part of the savers.

I first heard of visualisation shortly after we moved from a small town in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa called Emalahleni (a coal mining and heavy industry polluted little spot), to the contrasting coastal city of Port Elizabeth. My eyes had opened to what lies outside the confinement of a small town. I could see new opportunities. New doors opening up, and the chance to experience things I had only dreamed of (surfing was one of them, but I will tell that tale when we talk about failure somewhere in the near future… ).

Wanting desperately to live in a house overlooking the ocean, but realising I needed money for that, made me look for the silver bullet in the most unexpected places. If you were born in the 70s or early 80s, you will remember comic books as a source of entertainment that kept you busy for hours. You will also remember the ads on the back pages. You could buy anything through mail-order (an old-school form of Amazon or eBay I guess), from real LIVING sea monkeys to X-Ray glasses and yes, riches. I saved a bit of money and invested in a tiny booklet of 30 pages, that taught you how to let your wildest dreams materialise out of thin air.

After a few weeks, I received the book and instantly started absorbing its content. Feeling a bit ashamed, and not fully understanding what I was supposed to do, I soon lost in the mess that was my room (not before I tried to visualise Cindy Crawford into my life).

It would be 22-years until my next in-depth encounter with visualisations. I had made the decision to become a certified John Maxwell coach, and while in Orlando (Florida), one book that rolled off peoples lips with a sense of awe was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (I may have mentioned this title a few times already :-) with awe, yes). So I read it.

Perhaps this was the right time for me to absorb the information but all of a sudden, as I remembered that small booklet, I finally got it.

There was nothing sinister about visualisations. No black magic, juju, witchcraft or voodoo.

Visualisation was, and is, all about creating a burning desire, with a very clear vision for what you want.

"There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it" - Napoleon Hill

We will discuss purpose later this week, but for now let's focus on knowing exactly what you want, and developing a burning desire for it. We develop this burning desire through visualisation.

Let's try a simple little exercise we often use to show the power of visualisation.

Stand-up wherever you are. You don’t need a lot of space. Now, raise your dominant arm in front of you, and point straight ahead. With your eyes wide open, turn clockwise, as far as you can go. See how far you turned? Remember that spot where you stopped. Now, close your eyes. Imagine yourself turning again, imagine turning almost all the way around, way past where you stopped the first time. That feels good right? With your eyes still closed, turn again - for real this time! When you can go no further, open your eyes. Did you go any further that the first attempt? Yes, you did! Get the idea?

By simply visualising that you could go further, you were able to easily go past the first point.

Our mind has the power to remove literally anything that limits us from reaching our full potential.

The power if visualisations (as with affirmations) is believing that what you want is already yours, and seeing it. To develop a burning desire, which means not stopping at anything to take what rightfully belongs to you, and yes SEEING IT.

If simply imagining your future and what you truly desire is still a bit... namaste for you, why not try making a vision board?

I am no expert in making vision boards, so I asked my good friend Rebecca Kanoerera, a coach, business leader, and host of Rebecca Talks about vision boards, as she often hosts vision board sessions for corporates, and anyone desiring to focus on their dreams and desires. This is her take…

"I have had the privilege to coach and facilitate vision board sessions for individuals and groups over the past few years. The power of visualising helps individuals to begin to see what could be possible. The next step is to write down what you are envisioning and then create a visual representation of their aspirations, it can include words, images or phrases. A vision/dream board can be created digitally or by cutting out magazines, newspapers and printed images. Placing the board somewhere visible encourages you to look at it for inspiration along your journey. The actions & decisions that you make daily encourages you to have a more international life and more focus on achieving your desired goals. One of the greatest benefits which I have observed about having a vision is that it ends up impacting the person that you are becoming more than the things you will eventually achieve. Dream beyond the limitations of the current circumstances, you just never know what could be possible unless you have a go."

Whether you choose to use simple visualisation, or to augment that with a vision board (get in touch with Rebecca to embark an amazing journey of discovery), being able to visualise what you want from life, making it your own, and developing a true, burning desire for it, is the first step in achieving YOUR greatness.

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