#StayHomeSA Day 3 - SAVERS Part 2

Day Three, Sunday. For most, Sunday is a rest day. A day where the chaos from the week and a few too many drinks on Saturday night leads to a fair amount of repentance and vows of sobriety. But what to do, if the last two days meant doing "Sunday" things anyway? Where the sale of alcohol has been banned and that case of panic-beer never saw the sunset on day-2?

Social media is rife with MEMEs and posts about people going crazy after three days. Husband and wife have already had enough of each other and divorce is a top search on Google, relatives are being interviewed as potential foster parents for kids that cannot be sold on eBay.

Our busy pre-lockdown lives had the sad side effect that we never really spent quality (and uninterrupted) time with loved ones. We never got to understand them, their needs, and what makes them tick. People are now forced to take on a steep learning curve, and not by choice.

Learning more about yourself and truly understanding yourself, your needs, your values, your dreams is a good starting point to connect on a more intimate level with your loved ones. However, you can never truly connect to them or understand them, if you do not first intimately know yourself.

The first three parts of our SAVERS (Silence, Affirmation, Visualisation) deals with reflection and our dreams and values. This certainly needs to be unpacked a bit more, and we will do that, but first, let's look at the second half of our savers.

E = Exercise / 10min - Now just wait, before you start complaining that exercise is not your thing, or that there is no way "The Beast" can exercise in 10 minutes, hear me out… If you have ever exercised, even a small bit, then you will know, that no matter your prejudice towards physical exercise, you ALWAYS feel a bit better afterwards. Your blood has a fresh flood of oxygen, your lungs have been expanded a bit, and old stiff muscles just feel a little bit better. That is all we are after here.

This by no means replaces a 1-hour session in the gym, or 10km run with friends. This is simply to bring that rush of endorphins you usually get at the end of the day, to the beginning, and support the focus and positive mood you created with "SAV" in the first 30-minutes.

The exercises you can do during this 10-min session can range from stretching, running on the spot, skipping (jump-rope) or running around the block. Just get the juices flowing.

I personally do the "E" at the end, and there is no reason you can't too. It is just easier to finish the rest of the SAVERS, and then when done with my run, I can hit the shower and get to the rest of the day. I did follow the SAVERS sequence initially, but on day one I found that trying to focus on reading and writing while trying to catch my breath, and wiping sweat off my brow, was not that effective. The sequence is really not that important, it would probably have looked weird, and not caught on to have the "E" at the end… SAVRSE… just a thought…

R = Reading / 10min - "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader" - Margaret Fuller. The relationship between reading and leadership has been made and emphasised by authors, CEOs, and personal development gurus for decades. Even if you have no aspiration to be a CEO or leader at work, we all have to be leaders in some part of life. You can be a leader to your family, a sibling, or a homeless person. John C. Maxwell, in the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership says "Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less."

If then we are to influence our own actions, thoughts and behaviour, as well as that of others, it stands to reason that reading may be what empowers us to lead wisely.

During this 10-min reading section, grab an inspiring book. What you read should support your values, and what you affirmed to yourself, and visualised your life to be. For most needs, the Bible will do. It has sections on wealth, self-care, family, trials and so much more.

My 10-min for reading often ends up a bit longer. I am a slow reader, but I read to learn. I seldom need to go back and read the same book again, even though there are some I read by choice 3,4,5 times (Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist, Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich, and James Allen's As a Man Thinketh are my favourites) . I also make a point of finishing a section or chapter during each session. I do not like to stop in the middle of a chapter… a bit of OCD maybe?

I would be more than happy to share some of these books with you, or recommend a title that can support your growth plan, simply subscribe to the website, and leave a message).

S = Scribing / 10min - Scribing certainly sounds like it is something that was last done in the 14th century, but Writing would have again messed up the acronym SAVERW?

What to write? Anything really, with the exception of work emails or social media posts. If you are busy writing a book do that.

To best round of the SAVERS though, I would strongly recommend that the scribing time is used to put into words those visualisations, and affirmations you did earlier. Write about what stood out from your reading time. What part of what you read, or visualised will you apply today? What part has been difficult?

Writing something down forces you to use a different thought process than that used when reasoning. This will very often lead to a revelation on an issue you have been indecisive about or an emotional issue you have been trying to deal with. Journaling is another practice used by countless top CEOs to help them focus, and direct their thoughts.

I will post a few helpful resources under the resource section of www.online.kmld (it will also be available on the App http://wix.to/S8BRCPQ).

As mentioned yesterday, we will over the next few days unpack some of the practicalities around each saver.

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