#StayHomeSA Day 1

Today marks #day1 of the 21-day #lockdownSA of South Africa brought on by the #COVID19 pandemic.

The Problem

Now, whether you see this as the start of our own version of The Walking Dead, or a simple reboot of the broken system our country, and the world has been barely surviving under, the undeniable truth is that you are stuck where you are for the next 21-days.

Some see this as punishment, and some a well-deserved break and spend it binge-watching Netflix and YouTube. Others will get sucked in by the terrible scourge of doom-and-gloom bloating social media. A select few will see this as an opportunity to GROW.

Countless jobs will be lost, and many companies, big and small will close their doors. You may already sense that you are one of those that will likely stay home longer than 21-days, and not by choice. Personally, I see this as an opportunity that our busy lives rob us of daily, to focus on ourselves and where we want to be after this is all over.

Although I do not subscribe to the "New Year's Resolution" school of thinking, I always have a list of things I need and must do to grow. The start of 2020 was not different, and yet as we approach the end of the first quarter of 2020, I have not been able to tick off many of my to-do's.

The Opportunity

The lockdown in my opinion then is the perfect time to go savage on to-do lists and destroy the pending items one-by-one.

Like the legendary phoenix, by applying our minds, now devoid from so much noise of our "normal" lives, we can rise from the ashes the next 21 days will undoubtedly create.

But how will I (or we) do it?

The Plan

Taking on any endeavour, big or small without a clear plan is, is a sure plan to fail. John Maxwell puts it this way, "Failing to Plan, is Planning to fail".

So here is my plan from a birds view….

  1. Select Your News Source - This may not seem appropriate as part of an action plan, but hear me out. Open social media, turn on the news, or even just read WhatsApp group posts and you are bombarded with news (including fake news) of the spread of the virus, how many new infections, how many have died, and how we will never be same again. We can obviously not be blind and hide behind our walls and pretend like nothing is happening, but wallowing in despair which is the inevitable result is not going to make a difference.

My go-to source for all things #Covid19 is Jacaranda FM. I get a healthy dose of feel-good music, and news that is filtered from fake and BS news. Breakfast with Martin Bester always gives the day a positive start, why should the lockdown be any different (and no, I am not getting paid for this, but *hint-hint* the answer to the secret sound sent as a DM, would be much appreciated)

  1. Morning Routine - A few years back I was gifted The Miracle Morning Book by my dear friend Eric Reid. I read it, enjoyed it, but never really applied its principles. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a try. As they say, there is no going back now... The book, in short, suggests that a strong focused and positive morning routine (called the SAVERS), done before anything else, can set the tone for your day, your life and your future. Here is the gist of it…

Get up early enough (during normal working life) and perform 6-activities, in suggested 10-minute brackets as follows;

S - Silence

A - Affirmations

V - Visualisation

E - Exercise

R - Reading

S - Scribing/Writing

This, as the name of the book suggests, has been a miracle. I will expand a bit more on the savers later this week, and talk about how I do mine, but do yourself a favour and buy the book.

  1. Read - I love books. Over the past few years, I have built a decent library (although it will never be enough), mainly of self-improvement, philosophy, Christian and psychology books. It pains me to admit that I have not read most of them.

So I have for this 21-day period selected 5 books, which based on my Visualisation (in the Miracle Morning) will add great value to the plan for the future, and I WILL read them all.

  1. Learn - To support my Visualisation fuelled reading, I have identified a number of online courses, and skills that would support the future I will own. Time has been set aside for this learning, and if all goes well I have a few extra skills for my resume at the end of this 21-day period.

I have no intention to go and find a job, I love being a business owner. If you, however, are an employee, and you may have to consider looking for a new job after this period, this one thing could make a difference when the job hunt starts.

There will be many sad stories of job losses, hungry families and tsunamis of debt that interviewers will have to listen to. If I had to employ someone new shortly after this period, it would be a great Ace-up-the-sleeve for a potential employee, to see that they used the 21-days to improve themselves, rather than making "Hugo bel die polisie" videos.

  1. Work On My Business - Daily work on my business. There are new services to offer, websites to revamp, and relationships to foster. As business owners, or rather being "self-employed" we tend to work "IN" our business rather than "ON" our business. Don’t do accounting, stock checks and the daily tasks that occupy so much of your time and life that you never get to build on, and grow your businesses.

There are a few more specific things I would like to do during this time. But these are the main ones, that I have committed to.

Each of us is different, and as a coach, I know that what is important to me, is not important to you. Identify what matters most to you. If you need help, comment on this post, or click your way to http://www.kmld.online, and let's talk about how I can help.

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