NLP Success Principle Five - Operate From a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

When we discussed NLP Success Principle One - "Knowing Your Outcome" we spoke about being able to see exactly what your success looks like in the future.

Take a moment now, and try to picture, that moment when you reach your ultimate goal, the outcome you have been sacrificing for, spent late nights strategizing and planning towards.

See yourself in that place. What emotions do you experience? What do you look like, physically? What are you thinking? What can sense around you? How do you carry yourself? What emotions do you feel? If you can, write that down or keep a vivid image of that - like a snapshot - in the back of your mind.

Today's big question then is...

Do you blame other people of events for the success you achieved at the moment (your snapshot), or do you take the glory with open arms, knowing that you and you alone are responsible for your success and for achieving your goal?

You will recall some time in April we discussed Cause and Effect, and how there is a cause for every effect in our lives. To recap, we have a choice on which side of the cause and effect equation we want to live on. You can either be the cause, and decide the direction your life goes, or the effect, and be pushed where circumstances and events aimlessly lead you.

It is in our human nature to give credit, or blame to others only when things go wrong. And own, what goes right.

If then you really want to achieve your goals, then write this down, and remember it. "To become the type of person you want to be - become that person NOW."

After all, it is that person, that will already know what it takes, to get to where you want to be because you have already been there. This is not some time travel mumbo-jumbo.

We have already established that there is a clear link between our thoughts, our emotions, and our physiology (our bodies and physical behaviors). So if excellence is what you want, a model of excellence is what you will need to be (present tense). When we then look at our snapshot, we get to see and experience the internal representations, and physiology of what our success is where our goal is concerned.

To start with, you can consciously behave in the same way, and carry yourself with the same physiology. "Acting as-if" being a strategy you can use to good effect.

When we look at the psychology of excellence, we look at our general mental attitude. The mind-body link is real. What we think, affects how we feel, and how we feel affects what we think and feel. So we must align our thinking and physiology.

Can you see how important it is then to position yourself on the "cause" side of the cause and effect equation? Adopting a cause-and-effect mindset NOW is the key to starting your transformation.

It is a good idea to find some examples of good models for your goal. And look at how they carry themselves, how do they behave etc. and start modeling yourself and behaving "as-if" you are that successful version of you, that you will become.

Through this process, remain loyal to your values, and who you are. When I suggest that you model yourself on someone else, I do not mean "copy" them, but learn the good behaviours and practices. Second.

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