Lost Time

My last post was about mothers, well my mom. I wrote the mother's day message as a way of showing her how much I loved her, and how proud I was to be her son.

A few days before this, I traveled from Pretoria - where I stay - to Port Elizabeth where my mom lives during a very small window in transition from one lockdown level to another. This was not for a quick seaside vacation. My mom has been ill for a while, and things were not looking good. My sister let me know that it would be best if I was there.

Despite traveling with the knowledge of what I was on my way to face, I was rocked to my core when I saw my mom.

After what felt like only a few hours (but was in fact almost two weeks), she left us.

The times we never had we will never get back or have a second chance at. It cannot be quantified as we can do in business. We can only look back and consider the shoulda's.

Losing someone that could never be replaced is a stark and painful reminder that time is borrowed.

At the start of the lock-down, we spoke about using time efficiently. Have you? 80+ days into the lockdown, how have you used your time? If you had to count the hours you did not utilize, and put a Rand or Dollar sign next to that, would you be happy with what you lost? The earning potential you squandered?

It is easy to lay back and click to your favourite show on Netflix, but at the end of the day when you need to be held accountable, will you recognise that the only one to blame for the lost time, is you?

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