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Many of us came up with some brilliant ideas during this lockdown period. I have friends and clients who started new businesses, some wrote books (impressive), and some did some home renovations.

Even though many acted on their ideas, there are as many, if not more, that never started. They had this brilliant idea while lying in the bath with a glass of homemade pineapple beer, and as soon as the towel hit the floor (remember to pick it up), the idea was lost while contemplating the next binge-worthy Netflix series.

Throughout my life, I have had countless ideas. And who knows, some may have been million-dollar ideas.

In order to make sure we do not neglect our ideas, and just let them fall by the wayside, we need to take a few steps to make sure we can use them when the time arrives.

Below is a shortlist of a few dos and do not's that I feel are appropriate.

The list is not definitive, but these are my main ideas on ideas.

Don’t Put It Off

First and most important. When you get a new idea, take some action. Don't let it become a distant memory.

Always Come Up With New Ideas

The more ideas you come up with, the better the chances that you will find that one special idea that can change your life.

Don't Schedule Idea Generation Time

Don't limit your creative mind to a set time. Unless your "job" demands that you are creative during work, let it run free, and be ready to grab a new idea with both hands, even if it comes to you on the toilet :-)

Keep A Notebook

Write it down. Our lives are crazy busy, and it will not be any less so when the COVID-19 turbulence settles. If you don't write it down, giving yourself a chance to go back to it later, then why bother anyway?

Include Others

Caveat: The RIGHT others. We need to share our ideas with people we can trust. That does not by default mean family members. I have seen the closest of families torn apart as a sibling steals an idea. We need to use trusted people as sounding boards, to get advice and also, to hold us accountable.

Review Your Ideas

If you wrote them down, you can take some time once a week or month (depending on how many ideas you have) and review your ideas. This helps to perhaps see old ideas that may now be ready to be implemented. It may also give way to new ideas, and who wouldn't want that?

The Next Step

As soon as the idea pops into your head, and you write it down, think about what you will do next. I find it helps to write down the next step as soon as I record the idea, as a perfect way of triggering action.

Don't Ignore the Current Market

Be aware of the market in general, and specific to your idea. Even though your idea may be brilliant, now may not be the time to implement it. Understanding market factors is vital to the survival of our idea.

Reboot and Recharge

A tired brain is useless. When we are tired and our brains simply refuse to function at the level we need them to, the solution is NEVER to work harder and longer. When we are tired we become counterproductive. Take a break, reboot, and recharge. We achieve much more when we are alert and focused ie. AWAKE.

Feel free to find more items to add to the list above. These are the principles I apply to my ideas. Whatever formula you choose to follow, pursue those ideas, the came to you for a reason!

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